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Welcome to Saltwood...

The vogue nowadays seems to be that companies need a creation story, the more imaginative the better, ranging from the ubiquitous startup in a garage, dorm rooms or even an old gas (petrol) station. Sadly many of these admittedly entertaining stories are just that. The stories, figments of imagination, having been sculpted after the event by over inventive PR managers.

So what's Saltwoods?  

Well ours is more prosaic, less founding myth more founding reality.  One Sunday morning two people sat in their kitchen talking about doing something better than the 9-5 corporate grind. The conversation turned to happy days spent at the beach, collecting shells and driftwood.  From these memories of beachcombing trips came the germ of an idea that would ultimately become Saltwood.

The Saltwood Company StoryThe Saltwood Company StoryThe Saltwood  Company Story

Born of a love of the beach and all things coastal our founding myth then is less 'Hollywood' and more in common with a host of other kitchen table start-ups.

Today Saltwood makes distinctive quality pieces for the home - the product of our passion for design and the beach wedded to the desire for the company to be as sustainable and carbon neutral as possible. In tune with these aspirations we have a simple set of values: to make beautiful products while at the same time treating the planet well. We source our driftwood as locally as possible. We upcycle offcuts and reclaimed wood and try to minimise our use of 'new' timber, only using FSC certified wood from certified sustainably managed sources when necessary. We also resolutely refuse ever to use plastic bags in the packaging of our products due to the harm they cause to the marine environment. The end result we believe are items of beauty with integrity and character which you can buy secure in the knowledge that they have been ethically crafted by hand right here in England.

We've come a long way but the journey for us has only just begun. As Saltwood continues to grow we'll always be on the look out for opportunities to try new things. The one constant being our unbending commitment to quality and the planet. So here's to an adventure and thanks for being part of it.

Saltwood, from the shore to your door...

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