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Here at Saltwood from time to time we like to give you a behind the scenes peak at the creative process that goes into new products, the spotlight this post going on our driftwood coat rack hanger. The wood for this particular piece was collected from the Gloucestershire coast on New Year's Eve. We can be certain about the date because we remember it well due to the atrocious weather - cold, blowing a gale and getting soaked by heavy rain - not the best of conditions to go on a driftwood hunt. Just as an aside we have to admit that we're so envious of people that get to walk along beaches in Australia and California apparently collecting driftwood wearing flip flops and t-shirts! Anyway back on topic and judging by appearances this particular piece of driftwood we salvaged may have been part of an old fence post in its previous life. Taking it back to the workshop we then set about cleaning it up before we made any firm decisions about what to make with it.

The cleaning process we used included sanding back the wood partly for aesthetics but also for practical considerations - we needed to make it safe by removing splintered wood along the edges.  Despite this power sanding the wood remains pitted and dented in many places retaining much of its original character.

Black cast iron Underground hook close

 As this piece of driftwood is quite substantial we settled ensuing it as a coat rack hanger and after a careful search we sourced some black cast iron replica 'Underground' coat hooks which suited the wood well and really added to the vintage chic feel. It also had an extensive sanding by hand with fine grain sandpaper which has given it a beautifully smooth and very tactile finish. To further enhance and protect the appearance of the coat rack we used Annie Sloan soft wax which also really helped bring out the beauty and character of the wood used. Finally the piece had two holes drilled into it to take the fixings we supply (includes screws and wall plugs) so once it has been purchased and delivered to a lucky customer its ready to be firmly attached to a wall.  This driftwood coat rack hanger is, to use those over-used words, very much a unique handcrafted individual home decor item as, for obvious reasons, although we can make more in a similar style we won't be able to replicate the inherent character of this coat hanger.

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The Saltwood Team 

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