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Handmade with love and just a tang of sea air, the Saltwood hearts are the ultimate in upcycled gifts, beautiful to behold, kind on the environment and handcrafted to last a lifetime.

Wherever possible we use reclaimed timber as the base, if that’s not possible then we only use FSC certified wood.

Each heart always represents a challenge, a sort of 3D puzzle where the pieces need to fit together – each one is made by hand in the UK, with every single piece of driftwood fixed in place either using wood glue or pinned for extra strength where necessary.

The raw material for each heart is hand collected by us with much of the driftwood collected by hand from the Jurassic coast in Dorset, England as this provides us with the finest sea tumbled and leached wood with which to work with when creating our hearts.

Whichever heart you choose you are always guaranteed a one off – every heart is handmade to order and as unique and individual as the person that buys them due to the driftwood used.

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The Saltwood Team 

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