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Driftwood Alphabet

Hand cut chunky rustic driftwood letters, ideal to spell out those words dear to all our hearts: SEA, SURF and BEACH!  They can also be used to spell out a child's name for bedroom or a couples initials (we also offer an ampersand as well) - their uses are limited only by your imagination. Our iconic driftwood letters come available in three sizes: 1 foot, 2 foot and 3 foot tall with the backing for each letter hand cut from FSC certified wood. The letters are then sanded; hand painted then sanded back again to give the base wood a distressed beach chic vintage feel. The driftwood used to complete each letter is, as always, hand selected and collected from the UK coast, hand cut and hand sanded before each piece is individually attached to the wood backing. 
Saltwood's driftwood alphabet should not be confused with the many MDF letters available. Each one we produce is cut by hand with a saw not burnt out of a sheet of MDF by laser and therefore will not be a standard 'cookie cutter' product. The letters due to the generous thickness of the base wood and driftwood used will happily free stand propped up if required. All the Saltwood Driftwood Letters come complete with fixings ready to wall hang.
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